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We're Hiring!


Financial Partners FCU is looking for dependable, detail-oriented tellers to join our member service team. This position requires a friendly personality, self-motivation, and a member-focused attitude, as well as math and computer knowledge.
Cash handling and computer experience are required. Other recommended skills include: Organization; problem-solving; communication skills; prior customer/member service skills; and the ability to follow directions and learn quickly.
Click here for a detailed job description.
Print an application or email your resume to fpfcu@myfpfcu.org


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uChoose Rewards


What is uChoose Rewards?
A rewards program that earns you points every time you use your Financial Partners FCU Elite, Premier, or Premier Plus MasterCard.  You earn points every time you use your card, plus earn additional points for shopping at participating retailers.  We keep track of your points, so you choose how to use them when you are ready.  You can choose from thousands of options like merchandise, travel, gift cards, and more.  Register with uChoose Rewards today and start redeeming our points for any reward you choose.

Our UChoose Credit Card Rewards Program has been enhanced to support evolving cardholder needs.
Changes include:

  • Additional 200+ redemption options
  • Updated Redemption Program website
  • And the addition of 10,000 local merchants to help support local communities and small businesses
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Card Holder Updates: Card Valet App


Our Card Valet app lets you control all of your credit and debit cards. Save time and gain peace of mind knowing you can control the cards in your wallet with the phone in your pocket.

  • Get real-time notifications to a certain area using your phone's GPS
  • Set security preferences to match your spending habits for every credit card and debit card.
  • Set spending limits for every transaction
  • Enable or disable your cards to be used within certain merchant catagories such as gas and groceries, hotel and travel.
  • Lock and unlock cards with a few taps on your smartphone.

Check out the services this app offers by watching this 2 minute video

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