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Special Coin/Cash Withdrawal Requests Over Daily Withdraw Limit
Please call at least 3 days in advance to reserve cash amounts that exceed daily withdraw limits of $2000.00. For change orders, please call at least 1 day in advance. If change order is large, call at least 3 days in advance. Orders will be honored according to cash availability. As a result, wait times may vary.

Money Orders / Cashier Checks
Money orders are available at both offices.  The cost is $2.00 per money order and the maximum dollar amount is $1,000.00 each.  Purchase them with cash or right out of your account. (In a continuous effort to maintain the security of thier money orders, MoneyGram has a anti-counterfeiting feature on all money orders.)
Cashier checks are also available.  The cost is $3.00 per check unless the check is written to you. Cashier checks can be issued in any amount.


Pre-Paid Cards
Financial Partners sells pre-loaded gift cards and reloadable cards.  Here are some of the benefits of these cards:

Use where credit and debit cards are accepted.

  • Use anywhere credit and debit cards are accepted, as well as online and over the phone.
  • Spend only what is loaded on the card to help manage spending. 
  • Travel cards are secure with chip technology. 
  • Funds are held separate from your FPFCU accounts. 
  • Your card and the money on it are replaceable if lost or stolen. 
  • Re-load for free with direct deposit. 
  • Higher spending limits than debit cards. 
  • Travel and reloadable cards can be used ouside of the US.
  • All cards are accessible online when registered

manage your card here

Note: Gift cards require a $3.00 activation fee and are not reloadable. Travel and Reloadable Cards require a $7.50 activation fee and Financial Partners may charge up to $4.50 for reloads done through our institution. Load limits may apply. Third party ATM fees may apply.

Fire Police City County Share Branching
Financial Partners has teamed with Fire Police City County FCU to offer our members this convenient service. It's as simple as providing proper identification and filling out a short form to document the transaction. Here is a list of the services that are offered

  • Cash personal checks drawn on the Credit Union up to $200
  • Cash payroll checks
  • Make deposits and payments to your Credit Union accounts
  • Second-party checks are not accepted
  • Withdrawals from your account are unavailable

    FPCCFCU Locations
  • 3306 N Clinton St.
  • 4705 Illinois Rd. Suite 1
  • 186154 St. Joe Center Rd.
  • 1320 E. Creighton Ave. (In police station)
  • 907 E. Tillman Rd.
  • City County Building Room B32
  • 104 Lincoln Highway West

Notary services are offered at both branches.  The fee is $5.00 for members and non-members.  Please wait to sign all forms until you are present with the notary.  Also be sure to bring identification with you.

Postage stamps are available to purchase in books of 20 at the current regular USPS rate.

Financial Partners offers wire services in order to quickly transfer funds to other financial institutions.  We offer outgoing wires as well as post incoming wires for our members.  Please call in advance for proper wiring instructions.  Charges do apply.

Member Benefits

At Financial Partners Federal Credit Union, our goal is to put our members first in all we do.  We have been providing our community with quality financial services for over 50 years.

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Website Updates

We hope our members enjoy the new updates.  Please let us know if you experience any issues.  Thank you!


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